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On GlucoSpace

I reversed

type 2 diabetes!



London, England

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Stopped medications

Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

"Since joining, I've lost 13kg, my blood glucose levels are normal and my type 2 diabetes reversed.

My diabetes is now well under control through strict low carb diet and regular exercise."

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DKA survivor

Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

"I nearly died with Diabetic Ketoacidosis. My HbA1c dropped from a very dangerous 113 (17.3 mmol/mol) to a happy 39 (5.7 mmol/mol). Thank you GlucoSpace for saving my life."

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Weight loss

Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

"I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2017 and I didn't know what to do. I was overweight and lost 20 kg. I've dropped 4 dress sizes with!"

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Weight loss

Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

"I've lost 12.7 kg by strictly following the seminars. I'm the happiest I've been for years!"

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Normalised high blood pressure Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

" seminars are simple and a lot of reading but it works! My HbA1c normalized after 8 years."

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Reversed Prediabetes

"Diabetes is ravaging my community and being diagnosed with prediabetes myself was a wake up call. Through the GlucoSpace seminars, my blood sugar normalized."

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Weaned off insulin injections

Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

"I was put on daily insulin injections and medications. It was a shock. I lost 8 kg, changed my diet and lifestyle. My HbA1c dropped from 85 to 37 in just 3 months."

Pregnant Woman


Reversed Gestational Diabetes

"I had gestational diabetes and after pregnancy I lost 45 kg. Thank goodness for the seminars I understood how to manage, control and reverse gestational diabetes."

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Mary Ann

Reversed Prediabetes

"I didn't know anything about diabetes and I felt helpless and in denial. Since joining, I have completely come off diabetes medications (Metformin)."

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Reversed diabetic retinopathy

Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

"I'm a Vegetarian, diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy and I was frightened. The seminars are enlightening specially for the newly diagnosed. Now my diabetic retinopathy and diabetes are in remission."

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Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

"I had cuts which were not healing and was obese. I have tried all sorts of diet fads and they never worked. My diabetes reversed by wholeheartedly and strictly following the seminars,

I lost 18 kg. It was absolutely worth it!"



A new life

Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

"I stopped taking all medications for my diabetes. Blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels are normal. I felt reborn and feel absolutely great!"

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